Today’s Wordle Saturday November 26th Hints, Clues And Answer Word Of The Day #525


Well we made it through the Thanksgiving day chaos and the subsequent madness that is Black Friday. Now it’s time for lazing about, watching movies, playing games and eating whatever leftovers remain. We’ve worked hard now it’s time to chill out for a couple days before . . . ah yes, Cyber Monday swoops in, hoping to separate us from whatever money we have leftover from Black Friday.

Before the week is out, we’ll be in December, chugging hard toward Christmas and the new year. That’s wild. This year has been a blur in every sense of the word. So much change both in my own personal life but also in the world. We hurtle forward into the great unknown and I think what a lot of people would like more than anything is just some stability and certainty about the future. These have been in short supply lately.

At least we can count on a new Wordle every day. Let’s do this one!

Today’s Wordle Solution (Spoilers Ahead!)

The Hint: Lots of this goes on once the Thanksgiving dinner is over.

The Clue: Wordle Bot’s previous favorite starting word has more correct letters than the current preferred starting word.

The Answer:

I tied the Wordle Bot today. We each got this fairly easy word in only three guesses. His opener was better—I went with artsy and got stuck with 261 possible solutions. Slate was better but crane would have been better still.

Fortunately, plane flew me to the finish line, slashing that 261 down to just two: I could go with clean or glean at this point, and I chose the more common word. And I mopped it up! Huzzah!

Have a great weekend, dearest Wordlers! The last weekend of November!


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