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WordPress Theme Detector is the most popular WordPress Theme Detector tool on the internet. It can provide detailed information about the WordPress themes used on a WordPress site. This includes the name of the theme, the author, the URL, the version, and even a link to the theme’s official website. In addition to being able to detect WordPress themes, WordPress Theme Detector can also provide information about WordPress plugins and widgets. This can be extremely helpful if you are trying to troubleshoot a WordPress site.

WordPress Theme Detector is a free online tool that you can use to find out what WordPress theme is being used on a WordPress site.


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Web capture 5 11 2022 72820 wpmafias.com https://gtxhost.com/tools/wordpress-theme-detector/

WPTheme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme

Web capture 5 11 2022 74054 www.wpthemedetector.com https://gtxhost.com/tools/wordpress-theme-detector/

WP Detector

WPDetector detects all the plugins and the theme used by any WordPress website. If you find a website built using WordPress and want to know how they created it, then WPDetector is the tool to go.

Web capture 5 11 2022 828 wpdetector.com https://gtxhost.com/tools/wordpress-theme-detector/


Themesinfo WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool and can detect installed WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. If you discover an internet site designed exploitation WordPress and need to understand however they created it, then WordPress Theme Detector is the instrument to go with.


Web capture 5 11 2022 8542 themesinfo.com https://gtxhost.com/tools/wordpress-theme-detector/


Have you ever seen a really nicely built site and thought to yourself that you have to know how it was built?!
This is exactly the reason “Gochyu” was built. All you have to do in order to figure out how a webiste was built, is just put a URL of a site built with WordPress in the form above and hit the search button. We’ll do the rest. These are the results you can expect:

Web capture 5 11 2022 81142 gochyu.com https://gtxhost.com/tools/wordpress-theme-detector/