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tools is a simple online tool that helps you count the number of words in a piece of text. Just paste your text into the box and click the Count Enter Button. The tool will give you a word count and a character count, as well as a count of the number of unique words.

How to use Wordcounter tools?

Wordcounter is a great online tool that can help you improve your writing skills by providing you with feedback on your word choice and writing style. Here are some tips on how to use Wordcounter:

1. Use the “Wordcount” feature to get feedback on your word choice. This feature will highlight overused words and suggest alternative words that you can use.

2. Use the “Style” feature to get feedback on your writing style. This feature will highlight sentence length, word choice, and other aspects of your writing.

3. Use the “Reports” feature to get an overview of your writing. This feature will show you your most used words, most common phrases, and other statistics about your writing.

4. Use the “Settings” feature to customize Wordcounter to your needs. You can choose which features you want to use, and you can also set up a custom wordlist.

5. Use the “Help” feature to learn more about Wordcounter. This feature will provide you with information on how to use the tool, as well as how to interpret the results.